Phillips-Hill Backs Bill to Restrict Government Spending
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– On the eve of a budget address by Gov. Tom Wolf that is rumored to include a number of tax increases, state Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York Township) today voted to advance House Bill 472, the Taxpayer Protection Act. This legislation, which passed the State Government Committee on a party-line vote, would promote responsible management of taxpayer dollars through restrictions on state government spending.
“This bill brings efficiency to state government, keeps us from spending more money than we have and forces us to live within our means,” said Phillips-Hill. “Those are financial principles under which the majority of households in the 93rd District live, which makes supporting House Bill 472 an easy decision for me.”
House Bill 472 would amend Article VIII, Section 18 of the Pennsylvania Constitution to establish parameters the Commonwealth must abide by every fiscal year in limiting increases in the total rate of spending. The rate will be determined by combining growth in inflation with increases in state population.
“There is no greater issue for the people I represent than controlling government spending,” Phillips-Hill added. “This legislation would have the same effect on the state level as Act 1 of 2006, which forced our school districts to prioritize spending.
“Our constituents cannot afford large tax increases, nor should they be considered the first option when a financial hole needs to be closed. Taxpayer dollars need to be viewed as investments, not streams from an ever-flowing fountain.”
Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Phillips-Hill’s district office by calling (717) 428-9889.
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