Krieger Taxpayer Protection Act Approved for House Consideration
HARRISBURG – Rep. Tim Krieger’s (R-Delmont) Taxpayer Protection Act (House Bill 472), that would constitutionally control the future growth of state government spending, was advanced by the House State Government Committee today for consideration on the House floor.
“Since 1970, total state government spending, even when adjusting for inflation, has increased by 85 percent,” said Krieger. “Despite the public outcry, government continues to expand and to consume an even greater portion of our limited resources. The only way to stop the growth of government is to construct a constitutional wall to hold back the continuing flood, by constitutionally limiting the growth of spending.”
Krieger’s Taxpayer Protection Act would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to establish spending limits that the Commonwealth must abide by each fiscal year. This proposed constitutional amendment would limit the
rate at which the Commonwealth’s total spending could increase by the adjusted sum of the following: 
The change in the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers during the previous fiscal year.
The change in the rate of population growth during the previous fiscal year.
Krieger’s legislation would need to be approved by the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions and then be presented to Pennsylvania voters as a referendum. Once established, this amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution could only be temporarily suspended in specific cases of declared emergencies, and a 75 percent majority vote by the General Assembly.
“The purpose of the Taxpayer Protection Act cannot be clearer; to constitutionally limit the ever-continuing growth of state government spending,” said Krieger. “Pennsylvania taxpayers can no longer afford for their government to spend without restraint. It is time to stand up and say enough is enough. Enactment of the Taxpayer Protection Act will be a major and long-overdue step in the right direction.”
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