Warner Appointed to Key State House Committees
HARRISBURG – As Rep. Ryan Warner (R-Fayette) enters his fifth term in the state House, he has been appointed to three key committees for the 2023-24 Legislative Session.

Warner will again serve on the Appropriations; Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities; and Environmental Resources and Energy committees.

“The work we do in committee to investigate and improve upon the bills that come before us is an essential part of the legislative process,” Warner said. “As a member of these committees, I will stand up for taxpayers in the state budget process, advocate for consumer rights, and work to advance our energy industry while also respecting the environment.”

The House Appropriations Committee takes a lead role in the development of the annual state budget. With a Democrat governor and slim Democrat majority in the House, Warner said his primary objective will be to ensure a responsible, balanced budget that does not grow the size of government or further burden taxpayers.

“Thanks to inflation, we are all dealing with higher prices for food, fuel and other necessities,” Warner said. “The last thing we need is more government spending on the backs of taxpayers.”

Warner also returns to serve on the House Environmental Resources and Energy (ERE) Committee, and the Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee. ERE works with the departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Natural Resources on issues including oil and gas development, land recycling, environmental remediation and environmental permitting. The Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee focuses on consumer protections relating to utilities, housing, motor vehicles, credit cards and more.

Warner has long been a supporter of growing the state’s energy industry to reduce dependence on outside sources for oil and natural gas. On the consumer side, Warner is the author of a consumer protection law for drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. His law ensures drivers who are charged a v-toll due to malfunction of their E-Z Pass transponder are notified of the charge so they may rectify the problem and prevent future v-tolls.

Representative Ryan Warner
52nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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