Kauffman Works to Keep Government Spending in Check
State Rep. Rob Kauffman (center) stands with his colleagues from the House and Senate to support the introduction of legislation to constitutionally control the future growth of state government spending in the Commonwealth. 
– Working to support Pennsylvania taxpayers, state Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin) today stood with his colleagues from the House and Senate in championing the introduction of legislation to constitutionally control the future growth of state government spending.
“This legislation would put sensible spending limits in place in order to ensure state government is not spending more than it is raising each year in revenue,” said Kauffman. “Due to stricter spending and growth limitations, it also would ensure the need to raise taxes is diminished, thereby giving added protections to Pennsylvania taxpayers.”
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The Taxpayer Protection Act (House Bill 472) would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to establish spending limits that the Commonwealth must abide by each fiscal year. This proposed constitutional amendment would limit the rate at which the Commonwealth’s total spending could increase by the adjusted sum of the following: 
The change in the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers during the previous fiscal year.
The change in the rate of population growth during the previous fiscal year.
“Since I assumed office back in 2005, I have voted in favor of and supported legislation similar to what is being proposed today in order to put into statute a measure to make sure state government does not spend beyond its means,” said Kauffman. “I am pleased to report that the Taxpayer Protection Act being introduced this session has both bipartisan and bicameral support, and I am hopeful we can finally get this legislation through the General Assembly in short order and before the governor.”
Kauffman noted that General Fund spending has more than tripled over the past 30 years, and the cost of state government has grown by 85 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars since 1970. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 30 states operate under a tax or expenditure limitation. Pennsylvania is in the minority of states having no spending controls in place.
Representative Rob Kauffman
89th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Tricia Lehman