2013-14 PA State Budget News

2013-14 General Fund total spending:  $28.376 billion

- General Fund spending at the proposed amount represents a $645 million or 2.3 percent increase over 2012-13 available funds.
- This is a fiscally responsible budget that does not raises taxes yet still provides for the priorities of the Commonwealth.

View spreadsheet here.

The final budget funds priorities in the House of Representatives that deal with:
• Education
• Health and Human Services
• Environment and Agriculture
• Public Safety
• Job Creation and the Economy
• Government Transparency and Accountability

- Increases Basic Education Funding by $122 million.
- Establishes a record high of $10 billion total state dollars invested in K-12 education.
>> View the school district funding spreadsheet.

- Also provides $22.5 million for distressed school districts.
- Provides a 9% funding increase for the Library Access program to help libraries across the commonwealth share over 22 million titles.
- Continues the Governor’s increase of $6.4 million for Head Start and Pre-K counts early childhood programs.
- This budget adds $5 million for Early Intervention to children ages 3 to 5 with developmental disabilities.
- Increases funding for mobile science centers.
- Provides $3 million for grants to career and technical schools to purchase new equipment so the Commonwealth can expand career and technical education opportunities.
- Adds additional money to the Safe Schools Initiative.
- This budget provides for an additional increase to the Adult and Family Literacy line item.
- All PASSHE schools receive level funding for FY 2013-14.
- Penn State is receiving an additional $2 million for the Pennsylvania College of Technology.
- The University of Pittsburgh is getting more money for Rural Education Outreach.
- Temple University is receiving level funding.
- Lincoln University is getting an additional $2 million which is an 18% increase over FY 2012-13.
- Community Colleges are receiving an additional $1 million in the Community College Capital Fund.

Health and Human Services

Increases for funding in Department of Health by $1.5 million for items like:
- Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophilia, Sickle Cell, Trauma Prevention, Epilepsy Support, ALS Support Services, Tourette syndrome support, Bio- technology research.

This budget also restores funding for items such as:
- Anemia research, Lupus, poison control centers, and diabetes programs.
- Adds $20 million to further reduce the waiting list for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
- Gives a 20% increase for Autism Intervention and Services.
- Adds $26 million to reduce waiting lists for Services to Persons with Disabilities.
- Continues the $50 million in additional lottery funds for expanded home and community based services for seniors. Also adds $10 million for long-term senior care.
- Includes an 11% increase for Domestic Violence Centers and a 14% increase for Rape Crisis Centers.
- This budget adds $14 million for Child Cares Services to reduce the waiting lists.

Environment and Agriculture
- For FY 2013-14 County Conservation Districts will receive a total of $8.4 million through a combination of General Fund appropriation and Act 13 fees. This is a $2 million or 31% increase from FY 2012-13.
- Adds $4.6 million to Department of Agriculture programs and restores funding for:
- Agricultural Research, Hardwoods Research, Agricultural Education and promotion, Food Marketing and Research, “PA Preferred” program, and other departmental programs.
- Adds $2.25 million for Heritage Parks so they can continue to lead community conservation and revitalization efforts.
- Provides approximately 5% increase to DEP for Environmental Program Management and 2% Environmental Protection Operations.
- DEP will receive $697 million in total funding. This is a $61 million or 10% increase in program spending over FY 2012-13.

Public Safety
- Provides State police with an additional $14.7 million.
- This will help to train 290 new state troopers and 90 civilian dispatchers.
- Additional money is being allocated towards the Statewide Public Safety Radio System.
- The Office of Attorney General is receiving an additional $9 million.
- Increase for the Attorney General’s office to expand public safety programs like Local Drug Task Forces, Child Predator Interception Units, and Mobile Street Crimes Unit.
- Includes $1.5 million for the State Police Forensics Lab to expedite the review of evidence collected at crime scenes.
- Increases by $4.5 million for Violence Prevention Programs.

Job Creation and the Economy
- Contains no new taxes on Pennsylvania residents.
- Restores funding for New Choices/ New Options.
- Allocates funding for a pilot program though Pennsylvania Work Force Investment Boards to help unemployed Pennsylvania veterans find work.
- Adds funding for Marketing to Attract Tourists and Business, Pennsylvania First, Accredited Zoos, and Rural Leadership Training.
- Recommends funding for career-oriented training programs to prepare workers with the skills employers need.

Government Transparency and Accountability
- Includes a 23% increase in funding for the Office of Open Records.
- Provides the Auditor General a 6% increase for an IT Modernization project and general government operations.
- Gives a 6% increase for the State Ethics Commission.

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