The Pennsylvania State Budget - The Path to Today
March 23, 2016
Gov. Tom Wolf announces that he will let the March supplemental budget plan to become law without his signature.

March 16, 2016
House and Senate (again) passed a balanced budget that provides the highest level of education funding in Pennsylvania's history and funds critical services without increasing taxes. The supplemental budget passed with bipartisan support in both chambers.

December 29, 2015
Thankfully, the governor used this bill to release partial funding to school districts and social services that have been put in dire straits since his full veto of a balanced budget on June 30.  However, Gov. Wolf line-item vetoed several portions of the bill. See which ones here.
> Read reaction from Majority Leader Reed and Speaker Turzai.

December 23, 2015
The Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 1460.  On Christmas Eve, Speaker Turzai signed the bill and sent it to the governor. The decision to end the impasses - once again - lies completely with Governor Wolf.

December 8, 2015
Answering the overwhelming number of requests to hold the line on tax increases, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 1460, a $30.26 billion spending plan that funds state government's  core functions and supports Pennsylvania students by increasing education funding to the highest levels in the Commonwealth's history - all without the need for new tax increases. Prior to the bill's passage (115-86), PA House Appropriations Chairman William Adolph details this as an "art of the possible" budget bill that doesn't depend on broad-based tax increases - and that can truly be the deal that ends the PA Budget impasse.


Posted by Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October 7, 2015

Gov. Wolf's revised tax plan - including a 16 percent increase in the Personal Income Tax - was voted down in the PA House by a vote of 73-127.

House Republican leaders discuss the bipartisan vote to reject Gov. Wolf's tax hike plan.

Sept. 30, 2015
House Majority Leader Dave Reed and Sentate Majority Leader Jake Corman announces that Gov. Wolf’s tax bill will be put to a vote in the full House on Oct. 7.

Legislative leaders announce plan to put Gov. Wolf's tax plan to a vote.

Sept. 29, 2015
Gov. Wolf vetoes emergency funding bill – states he wants to “keep the pressure on” and “he wants a fight”
Majority Leader Dave Reed states the real reason why there is no budget by this date.

Sept. 24, 2015
Emergency funding bill passed in PA House to help release school payments/critical funding for human service agencies.

PA House Appropriations Chairman William Adolph (R-Delaware) explains the need to pass an emergency funding bill.

Read statement from House leaders on action.

Sept. 16, 2015
Gov. Tom Wolf finally announces that he rejects Republican compromise offer.  States in press conference: “I asked them to come back to me as to how we’re going to pay for the things I want.”  By now, many school districts and social service agencies are clearly in dire need.

August 25, 2015
The House attempted a veto override on several line items which fund school districts and human services organizations.
–    Every line item for which an override was was for a line item that either matched or exceeded the Governor’s request.
–    A veto override requires a bipartisan 2/3 vote.  Every Democrat House member voted 'no', thus all override measures failed
–    Several Democrat members cited 'constitutionality' even though the Pennsylvania Constitution only limits Governor’s veto power, not legislative veto override power. While claiming they didn’t know, Democrat Floor Leader Frank Dermody sent a request to the Legislative Reference Bureau about the Constitutionality of overriding vetoes line by line on July 28, 2015 well in advance of the Aug 25th vote.

August 19, 2015
Republican budget negotiators offer:
•    $300 mill more in education funding (total: $400 mill)
•    Pension Reform – adjusted to address CODA issue
•    Liquor Privatization as a funding source

Through the summer
Pennsylvanians start reacting to the extreme reach of Gov. Wolf's tax demands.


PA House Republican members hold press events to draw attention that the vast majority of Gov. Wolf's tax increases come straight out of the wallet of the taxpayers.

Rep. Kate Harper (R-Montgomery) speaks in one of these events, proposing that no one was asking the real question in the budget debate.

July 9, 2015
Gov. Wolf vetoes pension reform bill - denying an opportunity to reform one of the largest cost drivers in the state budget.
Read comments from leaders

July 2, 2015
Gov. Wolf vetoes plan to get Pennsylvania out of the liquor business - denying an opportunity for portions of related funding to be used in support of state budget

June 30, 2015
The General Assembly sent a balanced, no-tax-increase budget that funded Pennsylvania's core needs to Governor Tom Wolf, This budget bill provided education funding at the highest level in Pennsylvania's history.
–   Within hours and without really knowing what was in it, Gov. Wolf vetoed the ENTIRE budget and the Education Code
–   Note: Over 274 line items where either the same as Gov. Wolf’s proposed budget or higher

One Man Has Shut Down PA Government

Earlier this week, PA House Majority Leader Dave Reed comments on what happens now that the governor has made the unilateral decision to shut down the Pennsylvania government by vetoing the budget. #WolfPAShutdown

Posted by Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus on Friday, July 3, 2015
Majority Leader Dave Reed comments on the effect of the governor's veto.

June 28, 2015
House Democrats vote unanimously against tuition funding, which requires a 2/3 bipartisan vote

June 1, 2015
House Republicans attempt to move a budget vehicle in hopes of compromise.
–   House Democrats attempt to offer the Governor’s spending plan as a late filed amendment.
–   Without the revenue to fund the Governor’s spending, it was later voted down by a procedural vote along party lines.
–   House Republicans call up the Governor’s Tax Package - It was voted down unanimously.  Every Democrat and every Republican voted no. Final vote: 0-193.


Rep. Seth Grove details why he sponsored an amendment to put Gov. Tom Wolf's massive tax hike plan up for a vote in the full House.

March 9 – April 2, 2015
House and Senate Appropriations Committee held hearings on the budget.

March 3, 2015
Gov. Tom Wolf gave his budget address highlighting his priorities and vision for Pennsylvania. His budget plan called for a $12.7 billion tax increase over the next 2 fiscal years.