To responsibly move the state forward during these uncertain times, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a 5-month stabilizing budget. This type of budget approach will give us time to get the necessary data to make more informed decisions from a more accurate financial position.

Without any broad-based tax increases or program disruptions, this budget stabilizes spending and gives certainty to Pennsylvania's citizens.

- It is designed to keep the state moving forward and offering more time to manage the unknowns.

- It provides maximum flexibility to plan for the remaining 7 months of the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

This stabilizing budget plan (House Bill 2387) spends approximately $25.8 billion and is based off the 2019-20 General Fund budget.

>> Statement from House Leaders on passage of a stabilizing budget plan

Fully Funding Pennsylvania Schools

It is vital that our children and their parents can rest assured that school will resume in the fall. This budget provides the necessary resources to allow our schools to open safely.To ensure our children get a full year’s education uninterrupted, at the insistence  of the PA House Republicans, this budget fully funds Pennsylvania's schools for 12 months.

PA House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor explains the rationale
for a temporary budget plan.

Pennsylvanians expect government to operate effectively, a timely budget is an enormous step in the right direction as our state faces challenges, we have not seen in our lifetimes.

Budget Documents

- General Fund Appropriations Spreadsheet
- General Fund Financial Statement