Oct. 29, 2019

HARRISBURG -- PA State Rep. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson/Indiana) joined with state lawmakers and representatives from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation on Monday to urge final passage of his resolution to declare Nov. 7, 2019, as Victims of Communism Memorial Day in Pennsylvania.

Approved by a unanimous House Republican margin of 167-30 on Tuesday, House Resolution 392 is also in full agreement with President Donald Trump, who will be recognizing Victims of Communism Memorial Day at the national level for the third consecutive year, by declaring that communism as a political philosophy is “incompatible with liberty, prosperity and preserving the dignity of human life.”

“If you truly believe in our founding documents from the Declaration of Independence to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights then you cannot subscribe to the teachings of Karl Marx or condone the genocidal actions of Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot or Chairman Mao,” said Dush. “Article 1, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution makes it abundantly clear that ‘All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation; and pursuing their own happiness.’ If you are thankful for your freedoms as an American citizen, you simply cannot embrace communism.”

Nov. 7, 2019, marks 102 years since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia resulted in the world’s first communist regime under Vladimir Lenin.

“In our constitutional American Republic, ‘We the People’ have the right to own and secure property,” said Dush. “In wickedly evil and disturbing contrast, communism makes the false promise of equality, but only delivers atrocities. Under communist rule, the State owns everything. The resultant ‘want of things,’ such as food and clothing, in these regimes causes disturbances which have led to more than 100 million victims of communism being unconscionably slaughtered and more interred in ‘re-education’ camps for speaking out against government injustice and tyranny.”

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit organization authorized by Congress to educate the public regarding the more than 100 million lives lost to the atrocities of communism during the 20th century. The foundation also reports that studies consistently confirm that our young people have no understanding about the dark history of communism.

Dush closed out his press conference remarks by condemning the city of Philadelphia for flying Communist China’s flag over City Hall on Oct. 1, 2019.

“On the 70th anniversary of China’s communist regime, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney ordered the Abomination of Totalitarian Terrorism’s flag raised over America’s Birthplace of Freedom,” said Dush. “His completely ignorant, fallback justification was, of course, multiculturalism and tolerance. Could the mayor please further elaborate on what is tolerant or diverse about a communist Chinese regime that is known to be murdering prisoners of conscience and forcibly carving out their organs for transplants on a significant scale? What is now taking place in Communist China should match absolutely no one’s definition or examples of basic human decency.”

Representative Cris Dush
66th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
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