Oct. 06, 2020

HARRISBURG – Following weeks of House Republicans putting on the pressure on behalf of parents and families, Gov. Tom Wolf and other administration officials on Tuesday announced modifications and flexibilities for indoor/outdoor congregate gathering limitations.

This move comes not only after the Pennsylvania General Assembly overwhelmingly passed legislation to allow spectators at school sports, but and also after a federal court found these limitations to be unconstitutional.

If it were not for the overwhelming voice of the people as expressed by their legislature in calling for spectators at school sports and a federal court opinion finding the previous congregate gathering limitations unconstitutional, it is likely Gov. Wolf would have not made any adjustments to his mandate.

While we welcome this flexibility to the congregate gathering limitations, the policy announced today is, in effect, another statewide mandate that appears drafted at random and does not take into account data, the local impacts of the virus, and the geographical differences of Pennsylvania. 

Over the last several weeks, Pennsylvanians have been safely attending school sporting events, seasonal events, and family gatherings and students have been safely returning to in-person education without major COVID-19 outbreaks. Pennsylvanians have proven they can live their lives safely during this pandemic without Gov. Wolf’s mandates.

Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus