Mar. 03, 2015

HARRISBURG – Rep. Brian Ellis (R-Butler) today issued the following statement after listening to Gov. Tom Wolf unveil his 2015-16 budget plan before a joint session of the General Assembly:
“I have a lot of concerns and questions about the $33.8 billion state budget that Governor Wolf proposed today. At first glance, I think it’s rather outrageous to increase state spending by 16 percent, in light of a $2.3 billion deficit. Moreover, taxpayers can’t afford higher taxes. This proposal introduces an additional $4.7 billion in state spending, a price that will come directly out of the pockets of hard-working, middle-class Pennsylvanians who routinely balance their personal budgets. The plan even expands the sales tax to include services that weren’t taxed before, like basic television service. I have great concerns about that.
“I was glad to hear the governor bring up so many of the biggest issues facing Pennsylvania in his address today. He mentioned reforming our state’s public pension system, liquor sales, business taxes and property taxes, all issues which my House Republican colleagues and I have led discussions on over the last several years. While we might not agree on how these issues are resolved, it is important that these conversations are happening as we enter the budget-crafting phase in the coming days, weeks and months.
“As with every budget proposal, this address marked the starting point of the process. My colleagues and I in the House will work with the administration to develop a responsible spending plan for our state. The people of Pennsylvania deserve a sensible, controlled budget, and it my hope that will be our end result.”
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Representative Brian Ellis
11th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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