Mar. 03, 2015

HARRISBURG – Citing concern over the 16 percent spending increase represented by Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2015-16 budget proposal, Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) urges citizens to speak out against the plan. The governor unveiled his $33.8 billion budget blueprint today before a joint session of the General Assembly.
The governor called for $4.7 billion in additional state spending and would help pay for it by raising the Personal Income Tax by 21 percent and the sales tax by 10 percent. His proposal also imposes a 5 percent severance tax on the natural gas industry.
McGinnis released the following statement regarding the proposed state budget:
“With his budget address, Governor Wolf has announced that the citizens of Pennsylvania are not doing enough for state government. At the same time, he claims the state government is not intruding enough into our lives.
“This budget proposal does not reflect the values of Pennsylvania. In fact, it is quite hostile to our heritage of ‘Virtue, Liberty and Independence.’ The current state operating budget puts $6,000 of cost on every man, woman and child in the Commonwealth, but Governor Wolf says we are still keeping too much of what we earn. He’d like to reach even deeper into our pockets.
“The double-digit spending increase is just absurd given the anemic state economy and our lack of competitiveness with other states. History has shown that government growth is always at the expense of economic growth. The capitalism versus socialism war of the 20th century resulted in complete victory for capitalism, but Governor Wolf seems oblivious to that lesson.
“It’s time for citizens to let Governor Wolf and their legislators know that his clamor for more of their money is not going to be rewarded.”
McGinnis pointed out the governor’s address was just the start of the budget process. Three weeks of hearings, conducted by the House Appropriations Committee, will begin on Monday, March 9, where representatives from state departments and agencies will be questioned about their spending requests. The state constitution requires that a budget is adopted by June 30.
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