Mar. 02, 2015

HARRISBURG – The House of Representatives today voted to approve legislation, authored by Rep. Frank Farry (R-Bucks), which seeks to expand reporting requirements regarding individuals who have been categorized as sexually violent predators.
House Bill 73 requires businesses that provide counseling services to sexually violent predators to notify the district attorney of the county and the chief of police of the municipality where the provider is located that such services are being provided.
“It was brought to my attention that law enforcement officers who work near counseling facilities that provide services to individuals deemed as sexually violent may not be aware that these individuals are entering their community on a regular basis,” said Farry.
The state Sexual Offender Assessment Board assesses every sex offender who must register under the sexual offender registration act, known as the Adam Walsh Act, to determine whether an offender is considered sexually violent. These offenders take the designation of sexually violent offender due to the predatory behavior exhibited when committing a sexual offense. Current law states sexually violent predators must undergo counseling sessions on at least a monthly basis.
Under Farry’s bill, if no municipal police jurisdiction exists, a notice must be provided to the local Pennsylvania State Police barracks. Notifications must be provided by Jan. 15 of each year.
“Ultimately, this is about assuring residents that local law enforcement officers are aware when potentially dangerous individuals are frequenting our communities,” said Farry.
House Bill 73 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Frank Farry
142nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Abbey Haslam