Feb. 26, 2015

HARRISBURG – Rep. Brian Ellis (R-Butler) joined the majority of his colleagues in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in voting in favor of House Bill 466, legislation to privatize the sale of wine and spirits in the Commonwealth. After today’s vote, Ellis made the following statement:

“Pennsylvania’s current liquor store system is deeply flawed. Simply put, our state government should not be selling, and/or promoting the sale of liquor and wine. This system is outdated, creates a conflict of interest and is based on protecting special interests that have a stake in sales. In the past, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has gone so far as to create and promote their brands against our own Pennsylvania vineyards.

“This plan is good for consumer convenience. I’ve heard time and time again that consumers want to be like the other 48 states that have turned the power over to the private sector. Poll after poll states that the public supports getting the state out of the liquor business. Under this plan, the number of places where consumers can purchase wine and spirits will double.

“This legislation provides Pennsylvania’s local family-owned beer distributors with tremendous opportunities. In fact, under this plan, beer distributors would be the only one-stop shops for beer, wine and spirits. Beer wouldn’t be allowed to be sold in grocery stores, except for those with restaurant licenses. As someone who comes from a family who used to own a beer distributor, I have paid very close attention to how this bill would affect these businesses.”

House Bill 466 has been sent to the Senate for consideration. More information, including specific details about license costs and availability, is available online at www.PAHouseGOP.com.

?Representative Brian Ellis
11th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Krisinda Corbin
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