Sep. 21, 2018

HARRISBURG—Rep. Alex Charlton (R-Delaware) has once again sent a letter to the chairman of four House committees demanding a joint hearing on gun safety and school violence.

“In order for us as both a Commonwealth and a society to break through the rhetoric and divisiveness, we must address this issue head-on and from every angle, and by hearing from all concerned parties so that, in conjunction with experts, the Legislature can draft reform measures that are meaningful, effective and long-lasting,” Charlton said in the letter to the chairmen of the Education, Judiciary, Health, and Veterans Services and Emergency Preparedness committees.

Charlton, who has asked for this joint hearing in previous correspondence to committee chairs, sent his latest letter as the House prepares to reconvene on Monday, Sept. 24.

“There have been several proposals in more recent years to address the safety of our schools, from eliminating Gun-Free Zones and allowing certain personnel in schools to carry firearms, to installing metal detectors, reinforced doors and bullet-proof glass,” Charlton said.

Yet, the House has had no comprehensive investigation, pro or con, into them.

“If we want to stop this problem once and for all and be a leader in the field of school safety as a state, then it is imperative that we hold this joint hearing, and we commit to working on this issue until we have come up with a solution,” Charlton wrote.

Among the proposals Charlton wants to examine more thoroughly is legislation that would allow judges to preempt someone from owning a gun who has committed no crime but could be a harm to themselves or others.

“At all times, we must respect everyone’s right to due process,” Charlton said. “What is the balance between the freedoms we hold dear and the protections we expect as a civilized society?”

Representative Alex Charlton
165th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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