Sep. 26, 2018

HARRISBURG—Rep. Alex Charlton (R-Delaware) joined a bipartisan majority of his House colleagues in passing legislation to protect the victims of domestic abuse from gun violence.

House Bill 2060, which passed 131-62, strengthens Protection From Abuse (PFA) laws by requiring anyone found guilty of domestic abuse or subject to a PFA order to relinquish all firearms in their possession within 24 hours as opposed to the 60 days as mandated under current law.

In addition, the defendant would be required to turn over their guns to law enforcement, an authorized gun dealer or an attorney, not a family member or friend.

“The intent of this change is to enhance safety for victims of domestic violence and their children as well as law enforcement,” Charlton said. “This is commonsense reform that does not take away firearms from responsible gun owners.”

If signed into law, the legislation will remove firearms from those who have received due process and are deemed by the court to be violent and a threat.

House Bill 2060 addresses both civil and criminal law relative to the PFA Act.

The bill moves to the Senate for consideration.

Representative Alex Charlton
165th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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