Jun. 26, 2018

Bucks County legislator: Enacting this would send a strong signal to each state’s taxpayers they will not be used as political pawns in future budget negotiations
DOYLESTOWN – Pennsylvania State Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks) today called on New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to sign into law legislation recently passed that would protect the decades-old income tax reciprocity agreement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“Enacting this new law would send a strong signal to each state’s taxpayers that they will not be used as political pawns in future budget negotiations, and would strengthen the strong relationship and long history of cooperative action on issues of shared interests that our states enjoy,” Quinn wrote in a letter to the governor.

As many will recall, in 2016, then-Gov. Chris Christie announced his intention to repeal the reciprocity agreement. Only after public outcry and actions taken by legislators from both states did Christie reverse course.

Under the income tax reciprocity agreement, compensation paid to Pennsylvania residents employed in New Jersey is not subject to New Jersey income tax; New Jersey residents working in Pennsylvania are not subject to Pennsylvania income tax under the agreement.

Approximately 46,000 Bucks County residents who work in New Jersey would be adversely impacted by changes to the reciprocity agreement.

“As New Jersey is in the throes of a heated budget discussion, it is natural that they may look across the river toward Pennsylvania residents as a source of increased revenue. But doing so would result in legislative changes here that would hurt New Jersey’s residents and businesses,” Quinn stated. “I give the New Jersey Legislature great credit for recognizing that this is an issue that should be out-of-bounds in budget discussions and working to make that clear. Hopefully Gov. Murphy will agree and sign this into law.”

Representative Marguerite Quinn
143rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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