Mar. 01, 2018

HARRISBURG – House Republican leaders are issuing the following statement today:

“The nature of the allegations raised against Representative Nick Miccarelli are very serious and they should be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement.

“The complainants deserve to have their allegations addressed by law enforcement and to see the legal process move forward. We recognize the right of every American to due process through our court system and to remain innocent until proven guilty.

“But, what we have in front of the House right now is about the integrity of the institution, the safety of its staff and members, and the best paths forward for the individuals involved – the accusers and accused, as well as their respective families.

“With that in mind, it would be in the best interest of all involved if Representative Miccarelli would resign.”

House Republican Leaders
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Stephen Miskin
717-705-7173 (Office) 717-756-3936 (Cell) / Twitter: @SAM1963