Wolf’s ‘Restore PA’ Plan More Likely to Destroy PA

Feb. 11, 2020 / Editorial

Gov. Tom Wolf once again is pushing his fiscally irresponsible, job-crushing Restore PA proposal. He wants to borrow $4.5 billion at a cost to the taxpayers of $6.5 billion in principal, interest and fees. This debt-financed “boondoggle” is to be allocated at the whim of a new government board and paid for by yet another job-killing tax on natural gas production. Keep in mind, the state already imposes an impact fee on natural gas production and levies business taxes on these employers.

Dush Condemns Wolf’s Senseless Vetoes

Oct. 30, 2018 /

Rep. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson/Indiana) is joining with his Common Sense Caucus colleagues in expressing extreme disappointment regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s recent vetoes of three bills that would have dramatically reduced the state’s debt, required the Department of Human Services to institute work requirements, and expanded career and technical education (CTE) opportunities for students across Pennsylvania.

Setting the Record Straight

Oct. 09, 2018 /

Editorial by Representative Bryan Cutler PA House Republican Whip With Pennsylvania’s sole gubernatorial debate having come and gone, most people are likely wondering what statements being made are true or false. Fact checking is always an important step in the political process, which is ongoing around the Commonwealth. The governor and his campaign are highlighting as many positives that occurred during his term in office as they can. They should, as things are legitimately better today than two and three years ago.