Truitt Says Pass the ‘PASS Act’

HARRISBURG – Following a House Education Committee hearing on school bullying and suicide prevention, Rep. Dan Truitt (R-Chester) today held a news conference to underscore the importance of passing House Bill 156, the Pennsylvania Safe Schools (PASS) Act.

Truitt, who is the prime sponsor of the PASS Act, was joined by parents, youth advocates and educators from across the Commonwealth, including representatives from the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition and the Anti-Defamation League.

“People sometimes dismiss bullying as mere childhood horseplay, but the severe emotional and physical torment that some students face at the hands of their peers is no game,” said Truitt.  “Some kids are so brutalized – right on school property and in the classroom – that they come to see suicide as their only option.  That we would stand by and do nothing to keep them from being victimized is unconscionable.”

Truitt and others urged the Legislature to act quickly on House Bill 156 to aid students who continue to be at risk.

Pennsylvania currently is ranked by the United States Department of Education as having one of the most insufficient safe schools laws in the nation. The Commonwealth lacks seven central components of state level anti-bullying policies identified by the department.

The PASS Act would require all teachers to undergo a bullying prevention training program every five years.  It also would require acts of bullying be reported to the state.

“Students, parents, counselors and teachers all know that school bullying is widespread and leaves permanent, devastating scars on its victims,” said Truitt.  “We owe it to our kids to make sure that our schools are safe places for them to learn and grow.  No child should have to worry about whether he or she is going to be tortured simply by showing up for class.”

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