On to the Governor: Unemployment Compensation Reform Would Help 44,000 Workers While Creating $1.5 Billion in Savings
HARRISBURG – A comprehensive reform to the state’s unemployment compensation (UC) system has passed the General Assembly and now heads to the governor’s desk, House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana County) said today.  

House Bill 319 will strengthen the solvency of the UC trust fund, make an estimated 44,000 seasonal workers eligible for unemployment benefits and also save the system $1.5 billion.
“Workers and the business community understood that we needed to fix and strengthen Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system. Together we crafted this bill and got it done,” Reed said. “This legislation will save the system $1.5 billion while preserving needed benefits for eligible workers, and it tackles fraud and strengthens penalties against those who break the UC law.”

According to Reed, the bill adds four new solvency triggers to ensure the UC system is on pace to achieve solvency by 2024. The bill’s anti-fraud language targets beneficiaries who try to scam the system while serving jail time, and increases penalties for bad actors.

Representative Dave Reed
Office of the Majority Leader
62nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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