Keller’s Motorcycle Procession Safety Bill Passed by House

HARRISBURG – Legislation that would improve highway safety by affording certain rights to organized motorcycle processions, sponsored by Rep. Mark Keller (R-Perry/Cumberland), today was overwhelmingly approved by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Under House Bill 831, such processions, which are often charity events, would have many of the same rights that funeral processions currently receive in Pennsylvania.

“As an avid motorcycle rider myself, who has taken part in many of these large group rides, I have noticed a growing issue with such events,” said Keller. “My legislation would bring these rides into compliance with the state Vehicle Code and make them safer for both the participants and other motorists.”

Under the bill, organized motorcycle processions would be able to proceed through a red light or stop sign as a group; would be authorized to control and direct traffic as the procession passes through an intersection; would be specifically listed among those groups exempt from “following too closely”; and would be required to use visual signals such as a lead and trailing vehicle equipped with flashing yellow lights, lighted head lamps and emergency flashers.

House Bill 831 will next be considered by the Senate.

Representative Mark Keller
86th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact:  Andy Briggs /

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