Greiner Ignition Interlock Press Conference.

Jun. 08, 2016 / Embed

A press conference promoting ACT 33 and Interlock Ignition Lock devices.

Joint Legislative Conservation Committee, Chronic Wasting.

May. 17, 2016 / Embed

Joint Legislative Conservation Committee, Chronic Wasting Deer Disease is discussed.


May. 17, 2016 / Embed

House and Senate leaders call upon Governor Wolf to sign HB 805, the Teacher Furlough Reform bill.

Rep. Corbin Press Conference

Oct. 28, 2015 / Embed

Rep. Corbin Press Conference - Flanked by fellow legislators, top prosecutors from across the state, and victims’ rights advocates, Rep. Becky Corbin (R-Chester) today held a news conference at the Capitol to urge passage of legislation she has introduced that would make strangulation a felony in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee

Oct. 27, 2015 / Embed

Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee - Informational meeting - PIAA on the Association's continued compliance with Act 91 of 2000, to adopt an annual report and any other business that may come before the Committee.

Army Pfc. Harold "Sam" E. Barrick Memorial Bridge Dedication for web.

Sep. 23, 2015 / Embed

PA State Rep Mark Keller and others officially designate a bridge - part of SR 641 that spans the Conodoguinet Creek in Cumberland County, as the “Army Pfc. Harold ‘Sam’ E. Barrick Memorial Bridge.” The change in name for the span is meant to honor the memory and legacy of the fallen soldier who was killed in action April 8, 1968.

House Rep. Martina White, Fraternal Order of Police Press Conference.

Sep. 21, 2015 / Embed

House Rep. Martina White, Fraternal Order of Police Press Conference. House Bill 1538; sponsored by White, protects the identity of an officer, or officers during an incident requiring investigation.

9-11 Remembrance Ceremony, Mechanicsburg, PA 91115

Sep. 11, 2015 / Embed

A ceremony honoring the victims who died on 9-11-2001.

Police I.D. Protection Press Conference

Sep. 02, 2015 / Embed

State Rep Martina White announces that she will introduce legislation which will protect police officers and their families from harassment and violence if being investigated after the use of force.

Immunization Law Press Conference

Aug. 27, 2015 / Embed

Reps Grove, Delozier and Harhart are in attendance at a local Rite-Aid to promote passage of HB 182, a bill signed into law by Governor Wolf that will allow pharmacists to immunize children aged 9-18 at local pharmacies.