Taking Action to Provide Hope for Pennsylvanians

May. 01, 2020 / Embed

Reopening PA - KDKA Radio Interview with Larry Ritchert

May. 01, 2020 / Embed

So many things are happening to ReOpen PA - safely, compassionately, and urgently! Thanks for the great interview, Larry Ritchert. Hear a replay of it from KDKA Radio.

If You Don't Plant the Seed Now...

Apr. 30, 2020 / Embed

PA House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler makes it clear why garden centers must be able to safely reopen now in PA.

Garden Centers Reopening is Crucial for PA Food Provision

Apr. 30, 2020 / Embed

PA House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler makes case for why garden centers are so important to all Pennsylvanians, not just those in rural areas. The bill would allow garden centers to safely reopen in PA.

Our State Was Never Meant to Be Run by One or Two People

Apr. 30, 2020 / Embed

"Our state was never meant to be run by only one or two people." PA House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler makes closing comments in floor debate on an amendment that would require Gov. Tom Wolf to produce a plan for procuring and deploying COVID-19 testing in Pennsylvania.

Stressing the Importance of a Plan for COVID-19 Testing

Apr. 30, 2020 / Embed

PA House Majority Leader stresses the importance of a statewide plan for COVID-19 testing in Pennsylvania.

Polinchock On His Bill to Safely Resume Real Estate Transactions

Apr. 28, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Todd Polinchock comments about the successful passage of his House Bill 2412 which will allow the reopening of Pennsylvania's real estate industry so long as CDC guidelines are followed. The bill now heads to the Senate.

Speaker Mike Turzai - Reopening PA

Apr. 27, 2020 / Embed

Speaker of the PA House Mike Turzai gives a recap of all that's happening to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania while working to safely, compassionately, and urgently re-open PA businesses and prevent the collapse of the economy.

Taking Action to Safely Bring Back Jobs and Support Workers

Apr. 24, 2020 / Embed

PA House Republicans Helping Hospitals and First Responders

Apr. 23, 2020 / Embed

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, here is how the PA House is working to help first responders and medical professionals.