The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is taking action in response to COVID-19.

Since mid-March, here’s what we’ve done to help the state during the pandemic:

          Increased Personal Protective Equipment for people on the front lines. 
    Provided immediate assistance for Hospitals.  
          Made sure schools are still teaching even if students can’t come to the classroom.
          Made unemployment compensation more accessible to Pennsylvanians who need it now more than ever. 
           Voted to establish a bipartisan, inter-branch task force to track and manage the cost of the crisis plus develop solutions for our state to recover. 
          Advanced a job opening process that is transparent and consistent. Ensuring employers and the millions of workers waiting at home have equal opportunity to get back to work safely and responsibly.  
          Accelerated property tax and rent rebates. 
    Called on the Department of Health to provide expanded data on positive cases, so counties can make informed decisions about their own communities. 
          Expanded protections for police, fire and other first responders who are putting their own lives on the line to protect each of us in this pandemic. 
          Passed e-notary provisions so employers like auto dealers and realtors can safely conclude business transactions remotely. 
           Voted to allow municipal meetings to operate safely and legitimately through telecommunications with public participation.  
          Created tax credits for businesses who allow their employees who are also serving as a first responder, to leave work to respond to emergencies. 
          Started the crucial work of building a responsible state budget that utilizes stimulus dollars to meet the immediate needs of our state, and plan for the long-term impacts of COVID-19.
          Voted to get construction workers and contractors back on the job.
          Voted to put a pause on burdensome regulations during the pandemic. 
          Voted to safely and responsibly open mom and pop retail stores at a time when national retailers are still open. 
    Lead efforts to reopen car sales across the Commonwealth. 
          Expanded options for restaurants to increase income during the pandemic. 
          Voted to reopen the real estate industry.
          Leading the way to reopen garden centers
          Stood up to assist fire companies and first responders at a time when their fund raising is on hold.
          Saving tax dollars by asking all government agencies to refinance debt while interest rates are low. 
          Voted to expand assistance to small business owners arbitrarily shut down during the pandemic. 
          Made sure your federal CARES act money is not unfairly taxed

There’s still more to do! House Republicans are putting people first, hearing from thousands of Pennsylvanians calling for a path to recovery. We are carrying their voices as we work to address their needs and build a plan to help all Pennsylvanians.

At the starting point of the the pandemic's effects in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives took action to ensure important aspects of our lives will continue to operate, those on the front lines of the crisis are protected and empowered, and schools will educate all of our children. The bills were all signed into law on March 27, 2020.

Here are the four primary areas of legislative action that will bring help to Pennsylvanians struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

      Unemployment Code Update - Helping PA's Workers
      Election Code Update - Helping PA's Voters
      Fiscal Code Update – Helping PA’s Health Care Heroes 
    School Code Update - Helping PA's Students and Teachers