Bettering Pennsylvania's Jobs Climate

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Return To Work, Helping The Unemployed

• HOUSE BILL 1539 (Rep. Stan Saylor):  Keystone Works.  Unemployed Pennsylvanians may apply to work for a participating business to garner critical on-the-job training while continuing to collect unemployment for a temporary period. 

Private Sector Job Creation Through Strengthening and Modernizing an Aging Infrastructure

• Act 16 of 2012 expands the successful Keystone Opportunity Zone program to revitalize brownfields or under-developed business properties.
• HOUSE BILL 1294, (Act 11 of 2012) authored by Rep. Bob Godshall, encourages utilities to upgrade their aged electric, natural gas and wastewater infrastructure without tax dollars.
• HOUSE BILL  3 (Rep. Rick Geist):  Would create  and allow public private partnerships for transportation. 

Protecting Safety Concerns While Helping Employers Through Regulatory Relief

• HOUSE BILL 1950 (Act 13 of 2012) authored by Rep. Brian Ellis brings strengthened oversight, yet allows the state’s newest and fastest growing industry the ability to safely expand in Pennsylvania.
• HOUSE BILL 377, (now Act 1 of 2011), authored by Rep. Garth Everett, helps the housing industry by repealing the mandatory residential sprinkler mandate and reforms how the building code is to be changed in the future.
• HOUSE BILL  1349 (Rep. Tina Pickett):  Awaiting Senate consideration, it provides regulatory flexibility for small businesses.  Improves State rulemaking by creating procedures to analyze the availability of more flexible regulatory approaches for small businesses.  Final passage in the House on October 5, 2011 (158-41). 
• HOUSE BILL  1659 (Rep. Jeff Pyle):  Establishes a Money Back Guarantee program associated with the Department of Environmental Protection and creates a number of deadlines for permit reviews. 

Leveling the Playing Field for All Employers Through a Competitive Tax Structure

• HOUSE BILL 2150 (Rep. Dave Reed): Would create a more competitive and fair business climate in Pennsylvania by lowering one of the highest corporate tax rates in the nation, and closes the Delaware Loophole
Cutting the Costs of Business in PA
• Simplifying business setup with the creation of a One-Stop Business Permit Portal -- HOUSE BILL 2022 (Rep. Mike Peifer)
• Bringing equity to the Unemployment Compensation (UC) system through a number of reforms, such as:
o Requiring recipients to at least look for a job and creating an offset for severance pay (Act 6).
o Willful fraud passed the House unanimously and awaits Senate action -- HOUSE BILL 1852, (Rep. Seth Grove); and
Senate Bill 1310 providing for the authority to issue private bonds to reduce the amount of UC payments employers have to pay to cover our federal UC debt.

Protecting Employers from Lawsuit Abuse

• Limiting Venue – HOUSE BILL 1976 (Cutler):  Establishes that a civil action for personal injury may be filed only in the county in which the cause of action arose, and judgment upon that action may be entered only within the same county. 

• Limiting Punitive Damages— HOUSE BILL 1907 (Grell):  Will amend the MCARE Act (Act 13 of 2002) to extend the cap on punitive damages (to 200% of compensatory damages) to nursing homes.  Currently, the cap applies to physicians. 

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