It’s Time to ReInvent Government in Pennsylvania

It's time. Time to reinvent government in Pennsylvania.

Reinvent: to remake or make over, as in a different form.

The Solution

House Republicans are working to change this annual budget ritual of searching for money by reinventing and restructuring state government. We are calling this new beginning #ReInventPA.

House Republicans crafted and passed a budget that starts bringing Pennsylvania government back to its core functions.

House Republicans are re-evaluating priorities and looking for sustainable, pro-growth policies to enhance the lives of all Pennsylvanians.

The House Republican Budget is a balanced budget that actually spends less money than last year while requiring no tax increases or debt to be issued. The plan:

1) Reduces and eliminates outdated bureaucratic expenditures so that dollars can be preserved and redirected to core functions of government: education, infrastructure, public safety, and human service programs.

2) Begins reducing the major budget cost-drivers: pension obligations, debt service, corrections and entitlement spending.

3) Discards past practices of borrowing money today to spend today for future generations to pay back tomorrow.  Instead, the House Republican plan actually accelerates debt payments into our pension system to pay off those liabilities earlier.

The House Republican budget continues to provide support for essential social and health services.

The House Republican budget continues our commitment to investing in the future through our education system. 

With this House Republican budget, we would set a record high $11.793 billion for PreK-12 education – in fact, Republicans will have increased PreK-12 education by $1 billion over two years.

The Problem

Once again, Pennsylvania faces a potential $3 billion budget deficit. Without change, the picture for next year does not look any better. 

Pennsylvania residents can no longer afford nor will they accept the same old budget discussion of years past.  They understand, Harrisburg doesn’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem.
While revenues are coming in slower than expected, the governor, Democrats and others continue to push for additional spending, and more spending on top of that with additional taxes to pay -- and more taxes on top of that!

House Republicans believe the best way to help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets is to bring state spending under control. 

The annual game of chasing revenues to pay for an over-spending budget has to end. 

Welfare expansion, public pension obligations, debt payments and growth in government bureaucracy have outpaced the taxpayer’s ability to pay.

It’s Time

It’s time to #ReInventPA government and finally begin bringing Pennsylvania into the 21st century.