Key Highlights

- No new taxes, no tax increases and no additional fees.

- Spends $33.997 billion, an increase of $596 million or 1.8 percent.

- Reduces spending by $149 million from Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal.

- Better positioned to avoid future tax increases with deposit of more than $250 million in PA's Rainy Day Fund.

- Represents cumulative success of years of responsible budgets from the PA House Republican Caucus. Pennsylvania has capitalized on sound economic policies so that we are not asking taxpayers to dig any deeper into their own pockets.

Read an Overview from Majority Leader Bryan Cutler and Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor
>> 2019-20 Budget Built on Record of Fiscal Responsibility

Investing in Pennsylvania's Priorities


- PreK-12 education would increase by $432 million, making this year's state budget investment the highest in Pennsylvania's history.

- $160 million more for Basic Education Funding.

$50 million more for Special Education

$25 million more for PreK Counts

$25 million more for EITC

School Safety grants funded at $60 million.

- Adds $10 million in support of career and technical education.

- Community colleges, PSSHE universities and non-preferred universities all receiving a 2 percent funding increase.

Health and Human Services

$26.3 million increase for Mental Health Services

Restores funding for all disease line-items that the governor had proposed to eliminate

Intellectual Disabilities-Community Waiver Program is receiving an additional $84.8 million

Police and Protection

- Increases funding for state police by $97 million, and adds $9.7 million for three new classes of cadets.

- Does not rely on governor's proposal to create a fee-per-person from municipalities currently exclusively covered by the state police.


All of the governor's proposed cuts to ag have been restored.

Ag programs across the board will see a 12.8 percent increase.

Details and Documents

PA House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor reviews the details of the budget plan.

- General Fund Appropriations Spreadsheet
- General Fund Financial Statement
- Proposed Spending Chart
- State Spending Chart - Last 10 Years