Oct. 16, 2019 / Press Release

As a member of the Professional Licensure Committee Chairman, I joined with my Democrat colleagues this session to pass a bill sponsored by both our Republican and Democrat chairmen into law that removed the barriers for professionals entering Pennsylvania who require state licensing for their jobs.

Often, a licensed professional wishing to move into Pennsylvania finds difficulty obtaining the license needed to practice their profession. This is especially true for military and their spouses who tend to move more frequently than the average citizen but is also experienced by those moving in from other states or territories.

As currently designed, Pennsylvania’s professional licensing system has the unintended consequence of putting up barriers to employment for members of our military, their spouses and professionals moving to our Commonwealth from other states. This new law requires all licensing boards and commissions under the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs to issue licenses by endorsement, and further provides for a provisional endorsement license to quickly move these professionals into the workforce without the delays they are currently experiencing.

This delay in obtaining their professional license in Pennsylvania could mean a lack of income, lost employment opportunities or even a decision to not move into the state. This new law will make licensure more accessible to those arriving in Pennsylvania who already have the skills and training to do their jobs effectively. It is my hope that our new law will help our brave military families and others find good-paying jobs here in our Commonwealth.