Feb. 09, 2016

HARRISBURG – Rep. Jim Christiana (R-Beaver/Washington) today issued the following statement following Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2016-17 budget address:

“Gov. Wolf today used more dramatic effect and campaign talking points to try and convince taxpayers that Pennsylvania is experiencing some sort of widespread economic crisis, which simply is not true. This manufactured crisis is his latest attempt to hide his insatiable hunger to grow government and spend more of our workers’ hard-earned money. If his proposal today is any indication, the real catastrophe we face is a governor with no innovative solutions to solving complex issues besides more taxes and more spending.

“Gov. Wolf believes that the way Pennsylvania can achieve a ‘promising future’ is by taking more money from people’s paychecks, and he is even more out of touch than he was last year. Pennsylvanians have heard that pitch from politicians before, and have been stuck with higher taxes, yet our biggest challenges remain unsolved — our pension debt and property taxes are still rising. There is no problem in Harrisburg that will be solved with tax increases.

“Apparently the governor fails to understand that the taxpayers, Democrats and Republicans continually reject his massive tax proposals. Today he insulted 12.5 million Pennsylvanians with the same old tax-and-spend agenda that started this debacle last year.”

Representative Jim Christiana
15th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Abbey Haslam
RepChristiana.com / Facebook.com/RepJimChristiana