Feb. 09, 2016

HARRISBURG—Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) released this statement following Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address. Wolf called for increased spending and taxes:

“The governor has again proposed a massive spending increase and higher taxes on working Pennsylvanians. The House of Representatives unanimously rejected this same approach last year and instead passed a budget in December which increased spending by $1 billion over the previous year including $405 million for preK-12 education without increasing broad-based taxes.”

“Pennsylvania taxpayers should not be asked to endure massive income and sales tax increases while we continue to give away hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare to hand-picked special interests. We can help Pennsylvania students without hammering Pennsylvania taxpayers.”

“To achieve a responsible budget for the people of Pennsylvania, we must work together. Rational and reasonable discussions are essential to this process – not partisan political attacks. I ask the governor to stop the attacks and work with the legislature for the people of Pennsylvania.”

Representative Todd Stephens
151st District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: David Foster
RepToddStephens.com/ Facebook.com/RepToddStephens