Jan. 23, 2023

HARRISBURG – Rep. Kristin Marcell (R-Bucks) released the following statement calling on Speaker Mark Rozzi (D-Berks) to resign the speakership of the House of Representatives:
“Last week, I communicated my dissatisfaction with Speaker Rozzi and gave him an opportunity to keep his word, fulfill the promises he made to the citizens of Pennsylvania and members of the House, and call the House into session so we can begin the people’s business. Now that Mr. Rozzi has failed to take action on any of these items, I must ask for his immediate resignation as speaker of the House.
“With his announcement of a statewide tour as well as his failure to register as an Independent and build a bipartisan staff, it is now clear that Mr. Rozzi has no intention of keeping his word.
“The people of Pennsylvania expect us to act on the important issues of the day: fighting inflation, helping job creators to grow our economy, working to improve schools and making our communities safer. I stand ready and able to work on these and other issues, but Speaker Rozzi’s actions have now paralyzed the House of Representatives when action in needed. He must resign the speakership so that we can begin to move our state forward.”
A copy of the letter Marcell sent to Rozzi last week is included with this release.

Representative Kristin Marcell
178th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster
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