Jun. 30, 2015

HARRISBURG – The House passed a budget plan for fiscal year 2015-16 that reflects the desire of residents of the 83rd Legislative District to not have their taxes raised and to foster job growth, said Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland (R-Lycoming) today.

“It was made clear to me that the working class residents in the 83rd Legislative District desire more money in their paychecks, not less,” said Wheeland. “The governor’s budget looked to increase the Personal Income Tax by 21 percent and the sales tax by 10 percent. This would have resulted in a big hit in take-home pay for my constituents. I support House Bill 1192 as a plan that will protect the hard-working taxpayers of Pennsylvania.”

Wheeland said the $30.18 billion budget plan passed by the House Saturday does raise education spending while holding the line on taxes.

“The majority of communications I have received have dealt with raising education funding and dealing with state pensions,” said Wheeland. “We have accomplished that in this budget plan with basic, special and higher education. What remains is passing a solid plan on the pension issue which is a work in progress. Work is continuing to attain that goal.”

Wheeland added there is no severance tax on natural gas drilling in this budget.

“Gov. Tom Wolf campaigned on taxing the gas industry more by way of a severance tax. Shortly after the governors’ budget address, my office was contacted by many that supported this concept. Recently, very few have expressed their enthusiasm for this proposal. I can only assume that many in the 83rd Legislative District have come to realize the potential negative effect that increased taxation on this industry might have on themselves, family, friends and neighbors."

Wheeland said, in the end, this budget makes sense.

“A balanced budget is being delivered, and I have not heard an outcry for raising taxes,” said Wheeland. “I am pleased with the work we have done on this budget.

Representative Jeff C. Wheeland
83rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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