Mar. 07, 2023

HARRISBURG – Rep. Mike Cabell (R-Luzerne) attended a joint session of the General Assembly today during which Gov. Josh Shapiro presented his state budget proposal for the 2023-24 fiscal year. Cabell has been appointed to serve on the House Appropriations Committee, which will conduct budget hearings in the coming weeks.

Cabell issued the following statement in response to the governor’s $45.8 billion spending plan:

“The governor’s budget proposal is a mixed bag but a good starting point. I agree with the spending increases he wants to include for career and technical education, workforce development, mental health care, law enforcement and our seniors.

“However, I have serious concerns with the amount of new spending and new programs that would deplete the state’s reserves within the next several years. The Legislature worked hard to build up billions of dollars in revenue savings, which provides a needed safety net to stave off future tax increases or deal with state emergencies.

“The governor’s apparent plan to keep Pennsylvania in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) would negatively impact the Commonwealth’s energy industry and the jobs it provides. According to experts, RGGI will also result in higher energy bills for consumers who are already struggling with the rising cost of inflation. Our focus should be on the expansion of natural gas production to lower energy bills, create more jobs and provide greater independence from foreign energy suppliers.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I look forward to getting to work crafting a spending plan that moves Pennsylvania forward while maintaining our core principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and safe neighborhoods.”

Cabell noted that the governor’s address is just the beginning of the annual budget process. The deadline to adopt a spending plan is June 30.

Representative Mike Cabell
117th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives