Mar. 22, 2023

Dr. Daniel Greenstein, State System Chancellor testified before the House Appropriations Committee. House Republicans focused their questions on the turnaround in the PASSHE system’s financial footing.  Other questions focused on how to keep the current tuition freeze in place, how the consolidation of certain universities is going, and how PASSHE schools are preparing students for jobs in today’s economy.   

Key Takeaways:

PASSHE is a success story – a university system that was on the brink of insolvency and is now on firm footing with a vision for the future. 
o The bold vision of Dr. Greenstein helped the system to rethink everything from building use to ending degrees no longer attracting students. 
o The leadership of Education Committee Chairman Jesse Topper was instrumental in achieving this turn around through the passage of Act 50 of 2020.

PASSHE schools are providing students with high quality, affordable, education for the jobs our economy needs today and into the future.

The tuition freezes PASSHE schools have been able to achieve over the past several years is commendable, other universities should take note. 

The House Republican caucus believes an adequately funded PASSHE system is key to Pennsylvania’s future.

Notable Q&A:

Rep. Lawrence praises PASSHE for the work they have done to keep the system financially solvent. 

Rep. Kutz focused his questions on how PASSHE students are integrating into the workforce post-graduation. 

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