Jun. 27, 2015

HARRISBURG — House Judiciary Committee Majority Chairman Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin) was pleased that legislation to re-establish the Commonwealth’s independent counsel law was passed during today’s Judiciary Committee meeting in order to address the problems that have arisen during the ongoing Pennsylvania attorney general scandal.

“I felt it was necessary to move this legislation out of committee as soon as possible in order to assist legislatively with this current situation,” said Marsico. “I am pleased that the entire committee felt the same way.”

House Bill 1118 calls for the creation of an independent, three-member panel of judges to oversee the appointment of an independent prosecutor.

The bill lays out guidelines for appointing a lawyer to conduct a preliminary investigation. The results of the preliminary investigation would determine whether or not a special prosecutor is needed.

“It is my hope that through the enactment of this legislation, we will be able to clearly define who is to be responsible for handling his type of matter,” Marsico said.

Pennsylvania’s previous independent counsel law expired in 2003.

The legislation will now go to the House floor for further consideration.

Representative Ronald Marsico
105th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Autumn R. Southard, 717.652.3721