Sep. 07, 2023

HARRISBURG – Gov. Josh Shapiro recently announced a funding cut to a nearly 30 year-long agreement with Real Alternatives. This pro-life organization has provided support to Pennsylvania families and pregnant women considering abortion since the administration of former Democrat Gov. Bob Casey. Rep. Wendy Fink (R- Red Lion) reacted with disappointment and concern as Shapiro’s actions erode choice for pregnant women in search of options.

“Shapiro’s decision to slash funding for Real Alternatives demonstrates he and his colleagues are not pro-choice at all,” said Fink. “Being pro-choice implies support for options for pregnant women, so they can make educated decisions that reflect their needs using all the resources that are available.

“The governor and his colleagues are clearly pro-abortion. As a pro-life legislator this funding termination greatly concerns me, as it erodes the middle ground on this tenuous issue in the Commonwealth.
“Rest assured I will continue to fight for pro-life options for women, so they can feel supported in choosing life for their baby.”

Fink concluded her statement with frustration over the continued funding of Planned Parenthood. 

“Eliminating funding for such an important service is proof of pushing Planned Parenthood and prioritizing abortions over a woman’s right to seek out options, including adoption. I hope and pray the governor re-examines his decision and allows Real Alternatives to continue its vital work.”

Questions about this or any other state-related issue should be directed to Fink’s office at 717-244-9232.

Representative Wendy Fink
94th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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