Nov. 16, 2023

HARRISBURG – House Democrats in a late session Rules Committee meeting Wednesday voted to slash $150 million in Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarships, pulling the plug on critical educational opportunities for the most vulnerable students in Pennsylvania. Rep. Wendy Fink (R- Red Lion) responds to the stunt:  

“EITC scholarships should not be a pawn in political chess matches. There are thousands of students across the Commonwealth who are trapped in failing schools, looking for ways to access better educational opportunities. EITC scholarships could provide that greatly needed support, but House Democrats once again thwarted doing what’s right for Pennsylvania students. 

“House Democrats continue to block funding for students trapped in the lowest 15% of schools, despite the fact Gov. Josh Shapiro campaigned on this popular scholarship program. I am incredibly disappointed by the actions taken by my Democrat colleagues who once again kept the people’s elected voice voting late into the night, kicking back an important bill to the Senate which should have passed with EITC scholarships included.

“Every student in this Commonwealth deserves access to a great education, whether they attend a traditional public school, charter school or parochial school. I will continue to fight for students and families; they deserve better options.”

Questions about this issue or any other state-related matter can be directed to Fink’s office at 717-244-9232.

Representative Wendy Fink
94th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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