Nov. 30, 2023 / Press Release

A bill that would create licensure requirements for massage parlors and bodywork facilities in Pennsylvania has garnered bipartisan support. Rep. Thomas Kutz (R-Cumberland), a co-sponsor of the bill, calls for its swift advancement through the legislative process.

“Earlier this year, news of a human trafficking bust hit close to home at five Cumberland County massage parlors,” said Kutz. “This saddening, sickening news has re-energized the community to stand up against this abhorrent crime.

“As a legislator, it’s my duty to respond with responsible, smart public policy solutions to make our communities safer. House Bill 1241 would be a great step toward accomplishing that goal.”

In addition to establishing a licensure requirement for the Commonwealth’s bodywork facilities, the bill would also create the infrastructure for the Department of State to implement the licensing program and provide penalties for businesses that fail to comply.

In addition to supporting this important legislation, Kutz has also hosted a roundtable discussion with community leaders in various industries, partnered with Greenlight Operation to host a community workshop for constituents of the 87th District and spoken at a rally hosted by the Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey against human trafficking.

House Bill 1241 is currently awaiting consideration by the House Professional Licensure Committee.

Representative Thomas Kutz
87th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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