May. 08, 2015

HARRISBURG – House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) said today he is scheduling a vote next week on a proposal to significantly reduce school property taxes across the Commonwealth.

“The property tax problem has been talked about for decades, and we’ve had enough of the talk; it’s time to put up a property tax vote,” Reed said. “Our plan represents a balanced approach with cost controls to ensure the tax reductions stay in place, providing long-term relief for taxpayers.”

The legislation would ensure that every new dollar generated through the proposed changes be fully dedicated to school property tax relief. It would change the Personal Income Tax rate to 3.7 percent and the Sales and Use Tax rate to 7 percent, without expanding it to include currently exempt items. The plan would generate nearly $5 billion in total relief and would include a $125 million expansion of the Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program, which benefits low to middle-income senior citizens and disabled residents across the state.

The plan provides relief for both commercial and residential property taxpayers. In Indiana County, the average residential property owner would see a reduction in the following amounts:

• Blairsville-Saltsburg School District – 73 percent reduction.
• Homer-Center School District – 67 percent reduction.
• Indiana Area School District – 50 percent reduction.
• Marion Center Area School District – 75 percent reduction.
• Penns Manor Area School District – 73 percent reduction.
• United School District – 73 percent reduction.

The bill is similar to legislation introduced by Reed in the past, which also included a dollar-for-dollar shift, intended to increase the state’s commitment to schools, while reducing the property tax burden to taxpayers.

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