May. 04, 2015

HARRISBURG — Responding to the ongoing problem of scrap metal theft, Rep. John Taylor (R-Philadelphia) will introduce legislation to create a statewide scrap metal transaction database.

“Scrap metal theft is a serious, ongoing problem that defies easy detection and apprehension of thieves,” Taylor said.

Scrap metal like copper and aluminum, along with wire, pipe or cable used by utilities and in mass transit is valuable for recycling or reuse.

Act 113 of 2008, known as the Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act, empowers law enforcement to physically inspect sales records at scrap processing plants. However, current efforts are proving inefficient and require significant time and follow up by officers.

“This legislation is an effort to make investigation and enforcement simpler, while ensuring uniformity across the state,” Taylor said.

The bill will create a database and requiring scrap processors to register with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, which will then also be in charge of maintaining that database. This effort is similar to laws in Tennessee and Ohio.

“Scrap metal theft is rampant across the Commonwealth,” Taylor said. “I believe that consumers and law enforcement deserve the best tools available to provide a simple, yet effective solution that helps prevent theft.”

Representative John Taylor
177th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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