Mar. 16, 2015

New House Appropriations Committee website provides taxpayers with a comprehensive assessment of how they fare under Gov. Wolf’s property tax shift plan    
HARRISBURG – House Appropriations Chairman Bill Adolph (R-Delaware) unveiled a new website,, to help taxpayers fully understand the impact of Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed tax increases. shows how much in new personal income and sales taxes taxpayers in each school district will pay and compares that amount to the funds proposed to go back to district taxpayers under Wolf’s property tax shift plan.
“Gov. Wolf has proposed massive tax increases and is trying to get taxpayers to buy into his bait-and-switch plan by dangling the carrot of property tax relief. Unfortunately, the governor has only been telling taxpayers how much property tax and rent relief his plan sends back to their districts. He is not talking about where that money is coming from, and that needs to be a part of the discussion” said Chairman Adolph.
“Gov. Wolf’s plan raises over $8 billion in new taxes when fully implemented and only redistributes $3.6 billion of the new taxes to local property owners and renters. The plan is fundamentally flawed,” added Chairman Adolph.
Wolf’s proposed budget spends a record $33.8 billion and represents a 16 percent increase in spending over last year. To support such massive spending increases, the governor proposes a 40 percent sales tax increase by raising the rate and removing exemptions that currently exist on a number of goods and services. Wolf also proposes an increase of 21 percent to the state’s Personal Income Tax. In fiscal year 2016-17, all of Gov. Wolf’s new taxes are expected to raise an additional $8 billion from Pennsylvania taxpayers.
Chairman Adolph is encouraging all Pennsylvania taxpayers to visit to get a comprehensive look at how they will be impacted under this plan.
Representative William Adolph
165th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Michael Stoll