Mar. 05, 2015

Legislation would save Indiana County school districts more than $200,000

HARRISBURG – More than $27 million annually would be saved by school districts across Pennsylvania if House Bill 530, which passed the House Wednesday by a vote of 118-78, is signed into law, according to Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana). The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.

The legislation would revise and add charter school provisions to amend state law. Major reforms in the legislation deal with funding, ethics, accountability, governance and academic quality of charter schools.

“These schools have grown in popularity across the state in recent years, and these essential reforms make sure cyber and charter students are receiving the best possible education, while limiting expenses to local school districts,” Reed said. “As we begin discussions on next year’s state budget, every dollar must be spent as efficiently as possible.”

Under House Bill 530, charter schools would use an academic performance matrix developed by the Pennsylvania Board of Education. In addition, teachers would be evaluated in a way similar to those at public schools.

House Bill 530 also would address a long-standing problem with the funding formula for cyber charter schools. It would allow school districts to deduct food service costs and cyber education expenses incurred during the previous year from their per-pupil expense paid to cyber charter schools. Combined, the deductions are estimated to save public school districts roughly $27 million annually.

Listed below are annual savings in food service and tuition deductions for Indiana County school districts, based on the legislation:

 • Blairsville-Saltsburg - $55,195
 • Homer-Center - $11,652
 • Indiana Area - $35,393
 • Marion Center Area - $18,858
 • Penns Manor Area - $26,478
 • Purchase Line - $25,234
 • United - $37, 280 
The legislation also calls for a Charter School Funding Advisory Commission, tasked with working toward identifying further improvements. The commission would include members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate and various education professionals with equal representation from charter entities and school districts.

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