Feb. 26, 2015

HARRISBURG – Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) issued a statement today in response to the passage of House Bill 466, a measure to end full government control of wine and spirits sales in the Commonwealth:

“For the second legislative session in a row, my House colleagues and I have passed a bill to get the citizens of our Commonwealth out of the business of selling and promoting alcohol. This bill not only ends the expensive state-run monopoly, but would generate nearly a billion new dollars for immediate budget needs and billions more in future years from ongoing private sector sales, all without the oppressive carrying costs of the old inefficient government system. It is a win for taxpayers and a win for consumers. I urge members of the Senate and Governor Tom Wolf to follow our lead and get this enacted.

“Pennsylvania’s ill-conceived state liquor monopoly was designed in the era of Prohibition to purposely make the purchase of alcohol expensive and inconvenient for citizens. Pennsylvania and Utah are the only states in the nation still subjecting citizens to such an antiquated system. By voting yes today, my House colleagues and I delivered a powerful message of freedom and common sense.”

To view video of Bloom’s comments and House floor remarks on House Bill 466, visit Youtube.com/RepBloom.

Representative Stephen Bloom
199th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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