Feb. 26, 2015

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford/Erie) today in Harrisburg voted for legislation approved by the House that would get Pennsylvania out of the business of selling wine and liquor.

“There are many roles Pennsylvania’s state government should fulfill. Selling wine, Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Absolut vodka is not a core function of state government,” said Roae.

The bill would provide for the sale of wine and liquor in private stores in Pennsylvania.

The legislation would create 1,200 new licenses that private business could acquire to sell wine and liquor.

Responsible residents who are at least 21 years old would be able to purchase beer, wine and liquor all at the same location.

Beer distributors would be able to purchase one of the licenses, thereby providing a one-stop-shop for Pennsylvania alcohol customers.

Roae pointed to the fact that state-owned wine and liquor stores will fail to produce a “profit” in just six years, beginning in 2021.

“The government-run liquor stores are based on an unsustainable model,” Roae said. “In just six years, Pennsylvania taxpayers would have to send government dollars to subsidize the state-owned stores. It’s almost impossible to comprehend the state government has a monopoly in this industry and yet it still would fail to bring in a profit. Taxpayers – some of whom are not even old enough to drink – should not have to pay for that failure.”

Once the number of privately owned wine and liquor licenses is equal to the number of existing state stores, the bill calls for the state stores to be closed.

Residents who would like to learn more about Roae can visit his website at RepRoae.com or follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/RepRoae.

Representative Brad Roae
6th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Dan Massing
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