Feb. 11, 2015

HARRISBURG – As Pennsylvania continues to face difficult fiscal realities, Rep. Rosemary M. Brown (R-Monroe/Pike) has introduced legislation that would increase transparency for taxpayers by requiring each executive department, board and commission to outline its operational efficiency.

“All departments within our state government are extremely busy, and it’s easy to continue day-to-day operations and not re-evaluate their methods,” Brown explained. “My goal for this legislation is to ensure that each department is not just continuing with the ‘status quo,’ but instead that it is working as efficiently as possible and hopefully more affordably for the taxpayers. Additionally, it’s crucial that my colleagues and I have this information prior to our budget decisions to help us evaluate appropriations.”

Brown’s measure would require annual reports be submitted to the General Assembly outlining streamlined operations and methods used to improve productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

“By requiring this report through legislation, it gives the Legislature confidence that each department is dedicating the time necessary to continuously evaluate its operations for more efficient and effective operations based on its current goals, while protecting taxpayer dollars.”

For more information about Brown’s legislation, contact her district office in East Stroudsburg by calling 570-420-8301, or visit her website at RepBrown.com or legislative Facebook page at Facebook.com/RepRosemaryBrown.

Representative Rosemary M. Brown
189th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Krisinda Corbin
RepBrown.com / acebook.com/RepRosemaryBrown