Jan. 29, 2015

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Joe Emrick (R-Nazareth) has been appointed to serve on four standing House committees for the 2015-16 session. Emrick, who is entering his third term in office, is a member of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Game and Fisheries, Human Services and Professional Licensure committees.

“Many of the 27 House committees have met and begun the task of moving bills before the full House for a vote,” said Emrick. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of evaluating the many pieces of legislation with which we deal and taking them up in committee as part of the legislative process.”

Responsibilities of the committees on which Emrick will serve are as follows:

• Agriculture and Rural Affairs - Maintains legislative involvement in agriculture and rural areas, dealing with issues such as dog law enforcement, agriculture research, food safety and farmland preservation. In recent years, it has moved legislation concerning nutrient management and Pennsylvania’s Clean and Green Law.

• Game and Fisheries - Receives and reviews annual performance and status reports from the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

• Human Services - Responsible for oversight of the Departments of Drug and Alcohol, Health and Human Services (formerly the Department of Public Welfare).

• Professional Licensure (vice-chairman) – Provides Pennsylvania’s 29 licensing boards with legal, technical and logistical support to administer their licensure programs. Recent issues include legislation to regulate massage therapists and crane operators.

Emrick will also serve as one of 18 deputy majority whips for the 2015-16 under new Major Whip Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster). Duties of a deputy whip include assisting with member head counts and helping to promote certain issues facing the House Republican Caucus.

Questions about this event or any legislative issue should be directed to Emrick’s Mt. Bethel office at (570) 897-0401 or his Nazareth office at (610) 746-5090.

Representative Joe Emrick
137th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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