Jan. 21, 2015

HARRISBURG – Furthering his opportunities to be involved in shaping some of the most critical issues facing the Commonwealth, Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) today announced he has been named as a deputy chair of the House Majority Policy Committee, as well as a member of four standing House committees.

The House Majority Policy Committee is tasked with conducting hearings and holding public discussions across the state about important issues to gather testimony and information from key stakeholders. Bloom will help lead these hearings and work with his colleagues to develop policies to address those issues.

“I am honored to serve the citizens of the 199th and all of Pennsylvania as deputy policy chair,” said Bloom. “I am looking forward to this role in setting the direction of the legislation that will be acted upon throughout the next two years.”

In this new capacity, Bloom hopes to further enhance his focus on reducing the tax and regulatory burdens on Pennsylvania businesses, which he said will attract and retain productive enterprises, bringing much-needed jobs and economic development to the Commonwealth. In addition, he said he will continue striving to protect taxpayers by keeping a close watch on state spending and cutting government waste.

“I will be taking an active role in measures to move our reform agenda forward and in reducing the size and cost of government,” said Bloom. “In a year in which the state is facing a budget deficit of nearly $2 billion, we must act decisively to bring state spending under control and minimize the impact on Pennsylvania taxpayers.”

Bloom is also pleased to have been appointed to the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee for the upcoming term.

“Our clean Pennsylvania shale gas resources are fueling a wave of economic and job growth throughout our state, while moderating energy costs for consumers and productive industrial enterprises,” Bloom said. “My mission on this committee will be to ensure we continue to properly protect the environment while finding ways to optimize the economic potential of our resources.”

In addition, Bloom has retained his positions on the House Finance, Labor and Industry, Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees. He will again serve on the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee.

To read more about Bloom’s legislative priorities, visit RepBloom.com, Facebook.com/RepBloom or Twitter.com/RepBloom.

Representative Stephen Bloom
199th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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