Apr. 04, 2017

HARRISBURG – Taking up the challenge to deal with a potential $3 billion shortfall, House Republicans passed a “smart budget” to begin the process of reinventing Pennsylvania government without raising or creating new taxes and also providing additional funding for key education and public safety programs.

The budget bill, House Bill 218, passed by the House of Representatives today by a vote of 114-84, according to House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana).

“This budget provides a new opportunity to step away from the past and reverse the growing of government to reinvent state government in the most efficient and effective ways – without raising taxes,” Reed said. “We are beginning the process of a government reinvention – to bring sanity, predictability and affordability to our budget process and government.”

The Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget plan, contained in House Bill 218, while reducing overall spending, responsibly invests in education and public safety as it provides support for essential social and human services programs. Total General Fund spending is $31.52 billion, which is $246 million less than the current budget and $815 million less than the governor’s $32.34 billion plan.

The House budget invests a total of $11.8 billion, or nearly 40 percent of the General Fund, to PreK-12 education. The budget increases Basic Education, Special Education and PreK funding by $150 million.

“With this budget, we will have fulfilled our three-year commitment to increase our PreK-12 investment by $1 billion,” Reed said. “This budget begins the process of changing government, of going back to providing the core functions of education, infrastructure, safe communities and helping those in true need.”

Reed noted that the bill now heads to the Senate for its input and consideration.    

Representative Dave Reed
62nd Legislative District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives