The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is focusing on strengthening communities and supporting families. This wide-ranging legislative package expected to move over the next few weeks addresses a variety of issues, along with continued reforms designed to address the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Strengthening Communities    
HB 775 Fighting Welfare Benefit Fraud & Abuse (former HB 1588)
HB 364 Title 75 /Yellow lights for Vehicles with school students
HB 1016 Insurance Company Law/Fraternal Benefit Societies
HR 268 JSGC/Study behavioral health treatment system
HB 1402 Title 18/Creates the offense of sexual extortion
HB 49 Public School Code/Personal financial literacy
o HB 779 Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Youth Development Programs

Supporting Families
HB 296 Tax Code/Adoption & Foster Care Tax Credit program
HB 1001 Keystone Mothers' Milk Bank Act
HB 924 Living Donor Protection Act
HB 672 Mental Health Age of Consent 
HR 193 JSGC/Study on shortage of mental health providers
HB 783 Infant CPR and Choking Education Act
HB 360 Title 23/Minimum age for marriage
HB 858 Incentive Based Savings Program 
Combatting Opioids & Addiction
HR 147 JSGC/review of unused state properties (treatment)
HB 596 Detoxification & Addiction Treatment Bed Registry Act
HR 216 Chain of care for people struggling with an addiction
HB 1024 Admin Code/Positive drug test for addiction treatment
HB 1325 Title 18/Problem gambling evaluation
HB 1052 Administrative Code/Leaving addiction treatment against medical advice
o HB 1005 ABC-MAP Act/Include Narcan/Naloxone
o HB 1214 Health Care Facilities Act/Regulation of pain clinics

= Passed in PA House