We are investing more than ever in our schools and students.


Ensuring all students have access to a high-quality education

Enacting legislation to address substitute teacher shortages (Act 91 of 2021 and  Act 26 of 2021
Increasing online learning resources for school entities (HB 1330)
Allowing homeschooled students to participate in co-curricular programs and career and technical education programs (HB 1041
Establishing the Lifeline Scholarship Program to give students at our lowest-achieving public schools the resources to pursue a quality education (HB 2169
Legislation vetoed by the governor would have required schools to publish on their websites the curriculum taught for each grade and subject area (HB 1332 - Veto. No. 5) 
Expanding access to dual enrollment programs by allowing charter schools and vocational-technical schools to offer dual with institutions of higher education (HB 358
Improving the Economically Disadvantages Schools program (HB 1642
Recognizing out-of-state career and technical instructional certificates in Pennsylvania to allow for more teachers in our classrooms (HB 2646
Studying solutions to address the shortage of school bus drivers (House Resolution 15 of 2021

Safeguarding students' pathways for success.

Enacting legislation to keep students who are experiencing education instability on track to graduate (Act 1 of 2022)  
Enacting legislation to allow parents to have their child repeat a grade during the 2021-2022 school year due to COVID-19 (Act 66 of 2021)
Establishing statewide early literacy programs (HB 2045)

Protecting students and making schools safer.

Creating a school-based mental health services pilot grant program to supplement mental health services to student (HB 2022)
Providing schools with the option of incorporating age-appropriate mental health education programs into their existing curriculum for students in grades K-12 (HB 2023)
Requiring the State Board of Education to study how mental health instruction is offered by school entities (HB 2024)
Protecting female student’s access to athletic opportunities (HB 972
Safeguarding student’s financial aid packages from institutions of higher education (HB 2255

Preparing students/workers for careers.

Study the jobs of the future to ensure resources are available to train students for careers in new industries (House Resolution 60 of 2021). 
Enacted the most significant reform of Pennsylvania’s career and technical education (CTE) laws in more than 30 years (Act 76 of 2019).
Enacted new vocational instructional certification requirements to attract more experienced vocational-technical educators (Act 39 of 2018).
Created an alternative pathway for CTE students to demonstrate readiness for high school graduation with alternatives to the Keystone Exam (Act 6 of 2017).
Formed the Select Subcommittee on Technical Education and Career Readiness to ensure that this important educational pathway is not overlooked (House Resolution 102 of 2015).

Focusing on the issues you care about the most.

Our caucus members have participated in public hearings throughout the Commonwealth on important educational concerns shared by our constituents. These include:
     o PASSHE consolidation
     o COVID-19 responses
     o Academic accountability
     o Mental health in schools
     o Special Education
     o Learning loss